About Collexia

Want to know a bit more about Collexia – Here is a brief description of our past, present and future


The Lewfin Group of Companies is invested in several sectors and industries, including a substantial investment in the development of software for the financial, services and credit sectors. The group of companies has also
had extensive exposure, over a number of years, to the electronic payments environment in a number of countries, through their different business ventures in SADEC and the USA.

Through the careful analysis of their own and other role-players in the financial and services sectors’ needs, they identified a gap in the market for a truly Namibian Payment Services Provider, supplying payment intermediary
services, not only to the group, but to all entities with a need for a lower-cost, safe, secure and efficient payment services, based on many years of practical experience.

Lewfin Holdings went on to form a partnership with Zero and One Group, a South African entity with IT development resources, a core payments system, and many years of technical experience in the management and maintenance
of such a system in the specific, and core banking and other banking systems in general


Collexia (Pty) Ltd, Namibian Company Registration number: 2016/0422, is properly registerd as a PISP (Payment Intermediary Service Provider) with PAN (Payments Association of Namibia), and is currently doing EnDO (Enhanced
Debit Orders) in the Namibian NPS, through a number of sponsoring banks.

Collexia’s shares is majority owned by Namibians and Namibian entities.


Collexia plans to expand their services and products, firstly in terms of the number of payment streams and variety of available products, and secondly in terms of the geographical spread of Collexia’s presence to other countries.

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