We focus on:

Providing cost-effective payment solutions, safely and securely, to businesses and institutions with the need for such services, wherever such businesses or institutions does not have the desire, capacity or resources to build and
maintain their own direct interfaces with their bank, in order to facilitate such payments

Who do we cater for?

Here at Collexia we try and cater for a wide range of businesses, institutions and corporates. 

Smaller enterprises and institutions 

Transactions can be loaded manually via our web portal, and the results viewed with practical, downloadable reports in different formats. Where the smaller entity is making use of a popular accounting or admin system, we
would be willing to discuss integration with such system provider, if such integration is not yet available. 

Larger corporates

We are eager to help you integrate your admin system with our Collexia back-end through any one of a series of available integration options – please contact us for more details.

Per Country Solutions

Namibian Solutions


We currently provide EnDO (Enhanced Debit Orders) through any one of the following sponsoring banks (left to your choice)

Other SADEC Solutions

Coming Soon!

Watch this space.

United States of America

Coming Soon!

Watch this space.

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